• Brand repositioning
  • Visual identity and guidelines
  • Brand activation


Passionbrand was brought in to work with KCI after two major mergers triggered the need for a complete overhaul of the brands in their Advanced Wound Dressing portfolio.

The burden of chronic wounds on healthcare systems around the word is substantial and steadily increasing. This means that clinicians are often expected to do more with limited resources, and choosing the right products becomes key to care plans. At the same time, the wound care market is saturated with players, and fragmented by niche claims, making it a complex field for health care professionals to navigate.

Passionbrand worked to return the focus of the brands to the central need in wound care: moisture control.

This became the nucleus that united the core abilities of the four brands, while also able to stretch and demonstrate distinction between them where needed. Furthermore, it is subject with scale in wound care and allowed KCI to open conversations with clinicians and managers at a higher level than each individual brand.

The next step was to build from the strategic foundations and create a visual identity that brought the new positioning to life. A vernacular that was able to stand out from the conventional images of smiling patients and doctors that saturates the medical B2B market. The result was a highly distinctive visual iconography for the category, constructed around the concept of ‘liquidity’.

The strategy and design united four dressing brands under one trenchant Masterbrand platform: ‘Moisture Matters’.