Latest: a chapter on brand belief in ‘The Definitive Book of Brandingʼ

What is a brand for? It is for changing the world. It is for improving the lot of human existence. It is for making a small difference based on big convictions.


A product or service plus values and associations.

Consumer-led Brand
A brand that habitually uses the findings of consumer research for direction, not illumination.

Brand Belief
The brand’s take on the world, a view on what would make the world a little better, and how the brand can work toward making it happen.

Passion Brand
A brand with a clear belief, a deep understanding of people, and the capability, confidence, and exuberance to connect the two.

From the Passionbrand chapter in The Definitive Book of Branding, which brings together thinking from 22 world-renowned marketing specialists

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‘Creating Passion Brands: how to build emotional brand connection with customersʼ

A lucid examination of brand DNA. Sir Tim Clark, President, Emirates Airline

The cases are a little out of date but the thinking is as timely as ever

What is a Passion Brand?

Some brands inspire passionate advocacy in consumers and employees. These ‘Passion Brands’ have 5 things in common:

  1. They have something important to say about contemporary life
  2. They act out of beliefs, not just the latest focus group findings
  3. They are good at something that’s good for people – and stick to it
  4. They have integrity: the brand is intuitively understood and manifested throughout the business
  5. They are never sanctimonious, boastful or dull
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