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Seeing an established medical brand in a new light

Alliance Medical is Europe’s largest independent provider of imaging services, carrying out a scan of some kind every 30 seconds. Under charismatic new leadership, the marketing team sought to bring new impetus to the brand, emphasising the technological innovation of the business and the stature of its radiologist network.

Passionbrand’s involvement was a start-to-finish marketing and communications overhaul: a new brand belief rooted in the power of knowledge; a new, more dynamic logo; new communications throwing the emphasis on expertise and accuracy at the pivotal moment of diagnosis; and original photography using the motif shafts of light as a cipher for knowledge and clarity. The suite of work was brought together under the banner of ‘Intelligent imaging’.

The business has continued to grow, spearheading a collaborative initiative that will see it carry out over 50% of all PET-CT scans for the NHS over the next ten years.

New logo: designed by Passionbrand.
New photography: employing the motif of shafts of light as a cipher for knowledge and clarity. (Photographer: Paddy Eckersley)