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Creating a bespoke branding process for a famous global brand

A typical Avon brochure features at least six different product categories – from makeup to fashion & home – within which sit dozens of individual Avon brand equities. Never having been formally codified, these individual brands were inevitably drifting in different directions around the world. The business needed a way to clearly define its brands, and capture their iconic codes and cues, while allowing for sensitive market nuance.

Passionbrand worked closely with Avon central marketers in New York to develop the Avon Brand Way process, with its three stages of Define, Dramatize and Deliver. The core tool was the specially created Avon Brand Arrow, designed to capture both the heritage and the heart of each brand – along with insights gleaned from both consumer research and the day-to-day experience of over six million Avon reps around the world.

The next step was to work with global and local market teams to craft inspiring Brand Arrow definitions for the biggest Avon brands in makeup, skincare, bodycare and fragrance – as well as leading the process for the definition of the Avon masterbrand itself.

Finally, Passionbrand developed training modules and conducted training sessions for both central and local teams around the world, to help ensure that Avon teams in all markets could create and manipulate Brand Arrows according to best-practice lessons learned along the journey.

A start-to-finish global business and branding initiative: successful, enjoyable, creative and inspiring at every stage of the way.

Pages from the Avon Way Guide to Building Brands with Excellence: showing how the process works in detail, giving tips for best results and showcasing the most promising Arrows created to date for Avon and its brands.