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Unifying a people-based organisation behind a single big idea

Cambian Group is a pioneer in step-down care for mental health patients, and specialist education for young people with autistic-spectrum disorders. Passionbrand worked with the group to crystallise the Cambian brand identity and to develop a unifying brand idea. Care was taken to ensure that the process encouraged cross-organisational involvement and co-operation.

Ultimately, we were able to unite everyone behind a single ambition: to actively enable each and every person in Cambian’s care to achieve their personal best. The concept at the heart of this statement – personal best – also served as an inspiring call for excellence and continuous improvement among Cambian’s extraordinarily dedicated staff.

Cambian Brand Mantra

Everyone has a personal best

Everyone has good days and bad days
Everyone has an ideal to aspire to
Everyone can achieve something special
No matter what their situation
No matter what specific challenges they might be facing
We will help the people in our care achieve their personal best
For everyone at Cambian, that is a personal commitment