• Internal brand engagement
  • Staff incentive programme
  • Brand book
  • Microsite
  • Marketing training

Making an abstract concept live and breathe for employees

The brand essence for EDF Energy is captured in a single word: visionary. But how do employees ‘live’ that? Think call centre professionals, meter readers, people who dig the road. Passionbrand developed an inspiring, multi-faceted engagement programme that connected the brand essence to the real, everyday routines of different employee groups. A creative brand ‘hook’ served to unify all activity and to act as a constant reminder that tomorrow’s success is shaped by today’s behaviour.

“Passionbrand are an extremely refreshing, inspiring and delightful agency team to work with. They are able to make the most complex activities simple while delivering wonderfully creative solutions to brand engagement dilemmas.”Charlotte Kenny, Head of Brand VitalityEDF Energy

Bespoke training for EDF Energy’s marketing teams


“The brief to Passionbrand was to develop a training course, which would educate, inform and develop the EDF Energy Brand Group, a team with varying levels of experience, in the very latest thinking and practical application for successfully building brands in a highly competitive market place.

The Brand Boot Camp was born, consisting of 12 full-day sessions over an 18-month period. As with all good boot camps, ground rules were set, with relevant pre-reads issued, for debate and discussion, and for all those attending to bring an open and challenging mind. The training culminated in a final group presentation, encompassing all that had been learned on the course, to the EDF Energy senior exec team.

It was, without exception, the highest calibre training course that had been developed for marketers at any point within EDF Energy. Helen and Derek, supported by the Passionbrand team, were able to draw on the wealth of their own personal experience, as well as relevant case studies, and an extremely high calibre of external speakers. The course covered all elements of the brand and marketing mix, from consumer insight, brand positioning, creative development and judgment through to measuring effectiveness and proof.

The content was of a standard that has meant it was not only relevant at the time of the course, but is still being used within the team today. Importantly, for any enduring training course, it was enormous fun to be part of, and the full attendance of the course over the 18 months was testament to this.

I would highly recommend Passionbrand for the development of any such training course.”

Rob Merrington, Head Of Marketing Communications
EDF Energy/Customers/B2C