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NiQuitin smoking cessation – the start of something big

Social communication in the world of the smoker is riddled with negatives – it’s all very “don’t” and “un-” and “not” – as in “Thank you for not smoking”. Thank you for not doing something you really want to do!

That negativity gets worse when you try to, well, stop – another negative word right there.

Passionbrand looked at a more positive space for GSK’s global NiQuitin brand – all about what starts when you move on to a ‘life beyond smoking’. Start enjoying smoke-free kisses, start going for the by-line again, start feeling the vibe inside the pub instead of the cold, wet pavement outside.

This one-word brand idea, backed with a wealth of positive stimulus, produced stunning, unequivocal reaction from smokers looking to quit in a range of markets, and reinforced the power of positive, optimistic support when people are trying to do something really tough. It led to new advertising, new product formulations and new support packages. And new hope for smokers.

Passionbrand has also worked with GSK in the consumer OTC sector on cold sore and allergy treatments.

Rich stimulus: part of the research package that led to an exciting new space for the brand.
“Passionbrand are a gem of an agency. They are able to combine fantastic strategic marketing skills with remarkable creativity that creates real magic for our brands. This magic has the ability to truly connect with consumers, unlocking true growth potential. They are a joy to work with; their intellect enables them to get to grips with your brief quickly, they are very professional and always deliver work of a high standard.”Chantal Busson, Marketing ManagerNiQuitin & ZEN/GI Portfolio