• Internal brand engagement

Reinforcing brand leadership in an ethical category

An internal brand engagement programme with the objective of reaching and inspiring all levels of the business – ‘what does this mean for the sausage buyer?’ was how it was always memorably put.

As always, no brand engagement is possible without first getting a sense of how people feel in their day-to-day roles – whether they’re buying sausages, packing deliveries or opening the doors for customers. The results of this phase dictate not just how, but how fast, you can move on to the next stages. The moral is: if there are gripes, fix them, first – and small concessions here can often make a huge difference.

Passionbrand’s Internal Brand Engagement Framework: developed in conjunction with HR professionals. Engagement activity is developed for each of the six stages, and carefully phased and choreographed to promote a company-wide understanding of the brand.