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Reinterpreting original roots for today

There is a whole section in our book, Creating Passion Brands, about the technique of looking back before looking forward – reinterpreting foundational belief for new generations. It is the hallmark of brands that manage to combine authenticity and relevance – from which basis, wonderful things are possible.

We have since employed the technique successfully on a range of venerable brands – among them the BBC, Ford (in partnership with Team Detroit), Yorkshire Building Society – and Kallo, for whom we developed a new positioning and brand idea for its Whole Earth peanut butter brand.

What a rich cultural history to look back on: founded by hippy idealists in the ‘60s with a pioneering zeal for macrobiotic nourishment. Authenticity was the easier part; relevance for tomorrow’s generation less obvious, as too strict an interpretation would paint the brand as a curiosity, an anachronism. The ‘sweet-spot’ was a kind of ‘easygoing passion’ – a relaxed, open attitude to life combined with a deep belief in goodness and organic methods.

Passionbrand has also developed a new positioning and brand idea for Kallo’s Rice Dream brand.

The new brand positioning: led to briefs for new packaging and new advertising.