• Marketing strategy

Small improvements for a centre of excellence

When writing up mini client cases like these, it is tempting to invoke a sense of drama: big marketing problem, hard choices, intelligent breakthrough, elegant solution, stellar results. And in truth, many are like that.

London Vision Clinic isn’t one of them. This Harley Street centre for laser eye surgery, led by the most academically-cited surgeon in the field, were doing pretty much everything right: seamless service, lovely surroundings, advanced technology, celebrity endorsement, clinical excellence. The marketing of substance, in other words.

Still, they wanted to know if their marketing outreach could be improved. Was there something they were missing? Passionbrand completed a competitor review, interviewed customers in mini-groups, talked in depth to people who had considered but not come, looked at the metrics of widening the catchment area, reviewed adjacent-space opportunities and conducted a full communications audit.

We were able to make suggestions for small improvements, and show how the communications effort could be better tied together. There wasn’t to be much drama. Sometimes the best advice is: keep going as you are – but keep your eyes open.