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Professionalism meets passion in a sensitive sector

‘Partnerships in care is one of the largest and most experienced providers of specialist, secure and step-down care across the UK.’ That description, from the company’s own website, typifies the understated professionalism with which this mental health leader goes about its work.

Yet its 4,000 employees work with some of the most troubled, complex and frequently dangerous patients in the system. Their daily stories are ones of painstaking care, resilience in the face of difficulty, emotional highs and lows, and heart-rending eventual successes for people who may have been confined for decades.

Passionbrand worked with the leadership team to create a positioning that struck the right balance between those two extremes – evoking the brand’s professionalism, experience and scale, on the one hand, while embracing that emotional journey of care and compassion, on the other.

The chosen route focused on the vision with which the organisation innovates better care pathways by constantly bringing together multidisciplinary teams – of which the patient, no matter how compromised, is always an integral part.

Verbal assets – aimed at communicating the brand’s approach to commissioners, patients and their families, and existing and potential employees – were developed by Passionbrand and crystallised in an impassioned brand mantra (below).

Partnerships in Care Brand Mantra

Where better comes together

How can we care better for damaged, vulnerable people?
How can we achieve better efficiencies for the health system?
The questions are not simple, and neither are the answers.
It’s about the right combinations of people, disciplines, clinical experience and ideas.
It’s about curiosity, intelligence and openness to new ways of confronting difficult issues together.
It’s about involving the patient as part of the solution.
It’s about all the kinds of partnership implied by ‘Partnerships in care’.