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Celebrating ‘everyday heroes’ in an unglamorous sector

In a service business a strong brand can be a powerful rallying call for those all-important frontline staff – the ones who spend their lives with customers.

Passionbrand was commissioned to look afresh at the somewhat tired Rentokil brand equity, with the objective of inspiring internal and external audiences alike. Turns out those frontline staff were the key to both, with the new brand idea lionising Rentokil’s own ‘everyday heroes’. It was brought to life with confidence and flair across a range of global touchpoints, from web advertising to vans.

“Passionbrand reminded us of the underlying heroism of businesses like ours, and brought this to life in a way that was reassuring for the consumers and, every bit as crucially, inspiring for our own frontline people.”Stewart Power, Director of Marketing & StrategyRentokil

The branded van: a reassuring sight for consumers, a source of pride for the Rentokil professional.