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Creating a beautifully integrated product-service brand

When the world-famous women’s spa merged with the independent bath-and-beautycare business, the opportunity arose to create a seamless, leadership brand. Passionbrand worked closely with the brand’s new owners to identify NPD opportunities, examine marketing efficiencies and develop a more impassioned brand positioning and brand idea (see ‘mantra’ below).

The Sanctuary Brand Mantra

In a world of botox, plastic surgery and supplements, The Sanctuary is a reminder that pleasure and beauty are connected.

We believe in the power of touch to help us feel and look at our best.

We believe that natural fragrances and essential oils suit us better than synthetics and chemicals.

We believe that skincare products should pamper as they perform.

We believe in putting the ‘treat’ back in treatment.

We believe that laughter, gossip and a glass of wine have their place at a spa.

And we believe that pleasure isn’t transient; that it lasts beyond the moment; that it leaves its imprint on us, lightening our brows, brightening our eyes and softening our smiles.

And nothing is more beautiful than that.