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Breaking through in an increasingly commoditised sector

In a world where health systems are under pressure to slash costs, the wound care materials sector is threatened by commodity pricing. Yet Smith & Nephew can demonstrate how its combination of advanced wound care solutions and deep understanding of best-practice care can lead to better patient outcomes and system efficiencies. It isn’t either/or.

Passionbrand worked with the business globally to crystallise this duality in a value proposition designed to help its people gain a better rapport with the new kind of customer it needed to reach: procurement professionals and system managers.

We help reduce the human and economic costs of wounds

This became the underpinning for all Smith & Nephew’s individual wound care brands – the first time the portfolio had been united by a common point of view. The biggest and longest-established of these is Allevyn, an advanced foam dressing. Passionbrand worked with the team to relaunch the brand globally, bringing scale and humanity in a striking approach that explored the reality – and even beauty – of the wound-patient’s body.

The brand idea was ‘People First’, in recognition of the original product’s sensitive, real-time response to the level at which each individual patient produces wound exudate. Its link to the value proposition was trenchant, inspiring and backed with hard data: ‘Put people first and economies will follow.’ The relaunch achieved a 23% year-on-year growth for Allevyn.

A new body of work for Allevyn: Wound care imagery tends to be either close-up pictures of gory wounds, or cheesy images of smiling patients. Allevyn found a new space: the naked human body, as the ‘canvas’ on which wound care clinicians do their wonderful work. The ads, sales aids, website and images, created by Passionbrand, working with photographer Josh Van Gelder, deliberately aimed for a global scale, celebrating what unites us all, and evoking a sense of wonder for our shared humanity, dignity – and occasional frailty.