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A new twist on a classic casual dining format

As part of a strategic move into the rapidly-growing casual dining market, Tesco saw an opportunity to bring the popular appeal of carvery into its largest stores. The big question was how to create a concept that would be relevant throughout the day – from 7am to 10pm.

Passionbrand’s answer was DECKS, a welcoming, informal space with a range of ‘food decks’ serving different things at different times: a fantastic breakfast deck for earlybirds, the irresistible pastry deck for afternoon tea, a healthy salad deck throughout the day and the hero carving deck for main-meal times.

A successful launch and roll-out: Passionbrand's involvement was to create the name, the brand concept and the guidelines for look, feel and behaviour which led to the opening of the first DECKS in Coventry in August 2014. There are now 13 around the country, with plans for 20 more.