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Bringing scale to the concept of ‘local and human’

These regional UK banks, owned by National Australia Bank, possessed reams of research showing that, at one level, ‘local’ was a positive concept in banking: more human, more touchy-feely. At another level, though, the same research stubbornly showed that ‘local’ was a negative: parochial, small-minded, unprofessional.

Passionbrand worked with the bank’s marketing teams to give ‘local’ more scale and gravitas. The breakthrough came with the recognition that local is a choice, not a given. A business that looks at a big world, with big problems, and elects to think and act locally, is making an impassioned statement: this is the way to really achieve change.

We captured this thought in a simple, heartfelt brand idea: ‘We care about here’. It was brought to life internally by a compelling brand mantra:

It’s a big world.
With some big problems.
And that can make any of us feel small.
But we’re not small.
We can solve the problems we see.
Help the people we know.
Build communities we’re part of.
Because if everyone, everywhere did that –
Imagine the difference it would make.
Clydesale Bank. Yorkshire Bank.
We care about here.

Following research, which confirmed the power and positivity of the approach, Passionbrand briefed and worked with design agency The Partners to develop the thinking into an entire new visual identity. The eventual guidelines package was jointly created, with Passionbrand responsible for verbal guidelines and tone of voice.

Finally, Passionbrand helped turn brand positioning into behavioural reality with inspiring internal brand engagement sessions for each and every one of the bank’s 6,000 employees.

We care about here: the simple Inspiring brand idea created by Passionbrand for Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank, to emphasise their 'local, human' approach to banking.