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Creative blind spots Marketing Week, January 2019

Why ad creatives default to clichés – and what marketers can do to help avoid them

What’s the difference? Campaign, May 2017

Ad agencies like to play up their differences. But are they really all that distinct?

Off your roster Campaign, February 2017

How can you be sure you’re getting the best out of your agency?

Bravely out of fashion Campaign, June 2016

How do you persuade your agency to think beyond the prevailing creative vogue?

Lost in the past Marketing, October 2012

Laddering up to life’s great themes in your ads is pointless if the underlying product floor is rotten

Why ads go viral Marketing, April 2012

What’s the secret to a successful viral ad? Helen has the answer

The height of fame Marketing, March 2011

Brand excellence counts for nothing if no one knows who you are

The wrong conversation Marketing, January 2011

Using big ad budgets to start ‘conversations’ is an expensive cop-out

The challenge of the dual Marketing, September 2010

Can ads carry more than one message? Agencies say ‘no’. Helen says ‘yes’