Values and trust

Misplaced trust
Marketing Week, June 2021

What even marketers get wrong about brand trust

Values blindness
Campaign, April 2017

Values are forever. But watch out – that very permanence can lead to taking them for granted

The trouble with trust
Marketing, April 2015

Helen examines the duality of trust, and why becoming a ‘trusted’ brand isn’t as simple as it seems

Bad news brands
Marketing, December 2013

Don’t make promises you can’t keep: earn more trust and fewer headlines. Helen’s end-of-year column for 2013

It won’t do
Marketing, February 2013

“Does what it says on the tin” shouldn’t be a necessary promise to make

Assets or liabilities?
Marketing, July 2011

Why crisis management starts before the crisis

Walk the walk
Marketing, September 2010

Brand values don’t need to be original, they need to be sacred