Best practice branding

Big is beautiful
Marketing Week, February 2024

Why do marketers seem to prefer working on niche brands?

Our John Lewis
Marketing Week, May 2023

Your brand’s provenance is a fact. That doesn’t automatically make it a selling point

Stopping the slide
Marketing Week, April 2023

Marketing is more than just communications. We all know it, so why do so many of us forget it?

Supply-side branding
Marketing Week, December 2022

Supply chain: the often-forgotten issue that marketers need to get real about today

Great brands give you hope
Marketing Week, November 2022

Red Bull cofounder Dietrich Mateschitz died last month. Here’s what we can learn from his amazing story

Try, try again
Marketing Week, June 2022

Low-bar branding and how to avoid it

Marketing’s transformative question
Marketing Week, January 2022

Do we spend too much time dealing with the important but not visionary marketing questions?

The friction of choice
Marketing Week, October 2021

Why ‘micro frictions’ make consumers’ lives harder – and why too much choice is one of them

Laddering, vaulting, conforming
Marketing Week, July 2021

Is emotional branding now overdone?

The curse of convergence
Marketing Week, June 2021

Five traps to avoid for marketers determined to differentiate

Branding’s existential question
Marketing Week, April 2020

Optimism, pragmatism, perspective: thoughts on how marketers can emerge stronger after the coronavirus crisis

Let’s ladder down
Marketing Week, August 2019

The biggest sin in marketing: laddering up to life’s great themes while the underlying product floor is rotten

Best theory, best practice, best practitioners
Marketing Week, September 2018

Take a lesson from the best: be a purist in theory, but pick your battles in practice

Call yourself a marketer?
Campaign, April 2018

The role of the ‘chief customer officer’ is on the rise. But what do they do that marketers don’t?

Love and pain
Campaign, February 2018

Is there any such thing as brand love?

Three basic questions for 2018
Campaign, January 2018

In this new-year column, Helen looks at what marketers should stop doing and start doing – and what the quick wins might be

The art of reappraisal
Campaign, December 2017

For long-established brands, over-familiarity can breed indifference. How do you reverse that?

Too much like hard work
Campaign, October 2017

Why don’t brands make life easier for consumers?

Noisy dead founders
Marketing, March 2017

When teams lose their way trying to articulate the ‘soul’ of the brand, it’s time to listen to the founders. Even if they’re deceased

No sleep for marketers
Campaign, October 2016

Anyone who says branding is ‘all about one thing’ doesn’t know much about branding

The loyalty trap
Campaign, September 2016

Is there any such thing as brand loyalty? And is it worth trying to create it?

Ignorance is good
Marketing, May 2015

Helen argues that ‘intelligent naïvety’ is the only way to check the worrying trend to ‘brand reversal’

Brand manager’s detox
Marketing, January 2015

In this start-of-year column, Helen rounds on five unhealthy marketing habits and shows how to kick them

The brand opposite
Marketing, June 2013

First test of a brand definition: could its opposite credibly exist? If not, it’s pap

Biting the bullet
Marketing, October 2012

Ever vowed to use PowerPoint less? Here are some findings that will stiffen your resolve

The marketing decathlon
Marketing, August 2012

Multitasking v focus. Focus wins

Get physical
Marketing, May 2012

Marketing can become too abstract. Here Helen looks at the benefits of being a bit more hands-on

Knee jerk marketing
Marketing, December 2011

In this end-of-year column, Helen nails the sloppy ‘default solutions’ to avoid in the year ahead

Model answers
Marketing, October 2011

Brand models come in many forms – Helen offers advice for how to fill them in with clarity and conviction

The right questions
Marketing, August 2011

Marketers talk about ‘owning’ spaces in people’s minds. They can’t. But they can get a little closer

The personality puzzle
Marketing, January 2011

How to bring a little rigour to one of the most ephemeral aspects of branding

The recipe for equity
Marketing, August 2010

From defining to doing: the secret of strong brand equity

Time to get touchy-feely
Marketing, April 2010

This was Helen’s very first column for Marketing – on the gulf between knowing and doing