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Consumer psychology

Imbalance of power Campaign, May 2017

Why it’s more important to understand what people don’t want, than what they do

Irrational marketing Campaign, January 2017

Behavioral economics can help us understand irrational consumer behavior – and ours

Tough choice Campaign, December 2016

Choice is good, but when it becomes overwhelming, expect some strange behavior from consumers

Mind my mind Marketing, March 2016

New research shows that the human capacity for memory is vastly greater than previously thought. How should marketers react?

Supersize my ego Marketing, May 2012

When people feel small, they consume big. Another moral dilemma for food and beverage brands

Misbehavioural economics Marketing, April 2012

Give people a ‘nudge’ and it’s just possible you might get a kicking back

Bad losers Marketing, May 2011

When brands withdraw consumer privileges the principle of ‘loss aversion’ kicks in. Be afraid. Be very afraid

When second is best Marketing, March 2011

Why distinctive, ‘top-choice’ brands aren’t so strong when it comes to consensus decisions

The Diderot Effect Marketing, November 2010

What is the Diderot Effect? And why does it matter to brands?